Job for a Hero # 49

Job for a Hero # 49

Sir Rico is presented with a new job decision on his road back to work.  And he also is a bit distracted too.

Discussion (6)¬

  1. joe d. says:

    saphira is huge ,look out Sir Rico she could be a man…

  2. Sir Valdiar says:

    I heard there is a castle in a distant land. It is supposed to be full of virgins, who have basic medical knowledge, who enjoy knitting exciting lingere, need lots of oral ____ and spankings when they are bad!!!! Perhaps Sir Rico should go looking for that:) Perhaps they even have a dragon for you to kill!

  3. joe d. says:

    yes i agree with Sir Valdiar…i hear the holy grails beacon calling and Sir Galahad might need a quik rescue from those foul ladies…

  4. Rico says:

    You guys are funny! Well – it might be off to the land of blue-skinned warrior women!

  5. Sir Valdiar says:

    So what’s up with the blue women anyway? Thought blue women and green alcohol were James T. Kirks gig:) Or was that green women and blue booze? God I’m soooooo confused!!!! Well whatever the case booze and trashy women usually go together well but almost always get you into trouble. Remember that Dwarven Bar Maid Sir Rico!

  6. joe d. says:

    i still think Saphira is a( he she )or (she he..)..


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