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Well my recent interview out of town went very well, but like Sir Rico I am still waiting on their decision.  Hopefully I will hear some news soon – maybe next week.  For now, I am trying to stay busy and continue my search.  But, I admit that it’s getting harder to stick with it.

So tomorrow is the big day for the job interview out of state.  I’m trying to stay calm and just relax about it.  Best to be myself.  So perhaps this is the start of something new and exciting for myself and Sir Rico too!

Even though my comic doesn’t mimic or follow my current job search situation exactly, I do put a fair amount of my experiences in it.  Recently one job that I interviewed for didn’t pan out, but I now have a new shot at a position out of state.  That would be a big step, but [...]

Well, it’s June (mid June) and the hunt for work for both Sir Rico and myself marches on.  But, there have been a few little nibbles lately to give me some hope.  Which of course influenced the comic I put up today.  So everyone, wish Sir Rico and myself luck.  We both could use some!

Having a few delays lately in getting the comic up and done on my Mon – Wed. – Fri. schedule.  Hope you can bear with me.  And also, if you have any fun ideas for comics and new adventures in job hunting for Sir Rico – please send them to me via email.  Always open [...]

The job quest both inside and out of the cartoon continues.  A few things are brewing, but I’m still looking hard for new work.  Oh, please feel free to comment on the comics and also if you have any ideas for things you might like to see, shoot me an email at:

A couple more weeks have passed.  I did score one interview, but it wasn’t really for me.  But, it did give me plenty of ideas for more comics (aren’t you all so lucky).  Again, keeping my chin up.  Sometime soon I hope to have some t-shirts for sale and maybe other cool ’swag.’  Stay tuned [...]

Like Sir Rico, I am still actively seeking new work.  I’ve got a few new ideas and angles that I am following up on.  It is a bit hard to get up each day and continue to send things to places and not hear much back.  So, that kind of gave me the idea for [...]

Here’s a little banner I made for the site and comic.  Feel free to grab it and use it on your sites or wherever you want.  Thanks for the support!

Well, being inside the house most of time now makes getting out once in awhile even more important.  Today I went out for a couple hours.  It really helps to clear the head.  Been trying to do this once or twice a week – at least.  Gosh, I almost even miss driving in traffic!

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